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Tired of marketing theories that don’t work in heavy industry?
Join hosts Chris and Selim as they go in-depth with industrial & manufacturing experts to uncover proven B2B tactics that drive real results.

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Tired of marketing theories that don’t work in heavy industry?
Join hosts Chris and Selim as they go in-depth with industrial & manufacturing experts to uncover proven B2B tactics that drive real results.

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"We Need To Take The Kid Gloves Off!"

Hear candid insights from growth-minded leaders across industrial marketing, sales, service, and product teams. Learn how they tackle modern challenges from digital disruption to shifting buyer demands.
Whether you are a marketer looking to hone your skills, a sales leader seeking to align with modern buyers, or a curious executive eager to grow, this podcast delivers actionable strategies grounded in data and experience from the front lines.
Most manufacturing marketing content regurgitates the same outdated ideas. This podcast breaks the mold to provide no-nonsense expertise focused on helping industrial brands succeed today.

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Meet our guests

Dave Loomis - Headshot

Dave Loomis


A deep expert in VOC with well over 10,000 hours of customer interviews under his belt. Dave talks about what VOC customer work really is, how to do it right, and how to put what he calls "customer outsights" to work in a way that will benefit both you and your customers.

Visit Dave's Website:

Adam Kimmel - Headshot

Adam Kimmel

ASK Consulting Solutions

Founder of a technical content writing, strategy and consulting firm, specializing in technical content writing, SEO content writing, and content strategy with over 20 years of practical engineering experience across in the industrial sector, research and academia.

Visit Adam's Website:

Sarah Scudder - Headshot

Sarah Scudder


Sarah hosts the What the Duck?! direct materials podcast, a monthly Voice of Supply Chain show that features people in supply chain doing extraordinary things, and a monthly Manufacturing Supply Chain Woes and Women in ERP shows and enjoys speaking about marketing and manufacturing supply chain related topics

Visit Sarah's Website:

Bryan Deverse - Headshot

Bryan DeVerse

IXRF Systems

A seasoned sales and marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in the analytical instrumentation industry. Throughout his career, Bryan has successfully launched products, expanded market share, and grown revenues for companies in the spectroscopy field.

Visit Bryan's Website:

Christine Tierney - Headshot

Christine Tierney

Junebird Creative

with over 15 years of digital marketing experience and an MBA from St. Thomas University, helping small business owners develop intentional marketing strategies tailored to their specific business goals. Christine is both a Certified Storybrand Coach and a Certified Business Made Simple Coach.

Visit Christine's Website:

Matt Bolian - Headshot

Matt Bolian


Led teams as large as 250 people (small as 4) and thousands of projects in the United States and abroad for hundreds of clients across multiple functional areas in the military and in the private sector. Co-founded, a digital adoption platform built for the HubSpot ecosystem.

Visit Matt's Website:

Geo Booth - Headshot

Geo Booth

MajorSage Business Coaching

Leader of a flame barrier business for a leading textile company. He serves on the advisory board of Gaston College’s Textile Technology Center. He’s a member of the International Sleep Products Association’s Sleep Products Safety Council. He is also the founder and CEO of MajorSage Business Coaching as a "Business Made Simple" Certified  Coach

Visit Geo's Website:

Dr. J.J. Peterson - Headshot

Dr. J.J. Peterson


Holds a PhD in Communication and has spent the last 20 years practicing and teaching communication theory. J.J. has served in marketing and PR for two multinational non-profit organizations, served as a communication professor, and has spoken to thousands of people about creating a clear message.

Visit StoryBrand Website:


Joe Sullivan

Gorilla 76

an industrial marketing consultant of 10+ years and co-founder of Gorilla. In addition to co-leading the agency, Joe serves as the company business development lead and consults Gorilla’s clients on both sales and marketing strategy. He crafts thought leadership content in Gorilla 76's Industrial Marketing Learning Center and hosts The Manufacturing Executive – a growth strategy podcast for manufacturing leaders.

Visit Joe's Website:

Caleb Rule - Headshot

Caleb Rule


Caleb brings over a decade of marketing expertise to his current role as Digital Director at Strativise, an industrial marketing agency. He's previously worked in Director-level roles and at Club Car supporting their digital transformation in a centralized marketing role.

Visit Caleb's Website:

Meet Your Manufacturing Marketing Co-Hosts

Meet Your Co-Hosts

Chris Carolan

Co-Founder & Head of Revenue

Chris is an experienced marketing leader in the industrial sector. He has spent over 15 years working with companies in the industrial and manufacturing space.

Chris helped transition his previous companies into digital marketing and CRM systems. He is passionate about bridging the industrial skills and knowledge gap through marketing and enabling customer-facing teams.

Chris brings a strong understanding of marketing strategy, automation, and customer experience from his background managing production, sales, and marketing.


Selim Maalouf

Co-Founder & Head of Content

With over a decade of experience in industrial engineering and content creation, Selim is the perfect marketing partner industrial companies need.

Leveraging his background as a Industrial design and application engineer, Selim has an intimate understanding of how industrial engineers think and make buying decisions. This unparalleled insight enables him to create content that truly resonates with technical audiences and drives results.

More than just a great writer and producer, Selim is a trusted advisor who always keeps his clients' best interests in mind. His engineering background means he won't just take a brief at face value, but will dig deeper to ensure he's solving the right problems in the right way.

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