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With sustainable growth in mind, we work with you to develop and deliver an educational, content-first approach to generating more pipeline, closing more revenue, and delighting more customers.

We designed our package to fit the specific speed of growth that our customers are comfortable with.

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$ 4,996

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$ 24,996
Consulting & Strategy
Kickoff Workshop
The Kickoff Call sets the stage for a successful engagement. You'll cover GPCT (goals, plans, challenges, and timelines), roles & responsibilities, and other critical engagement information. - Goals, Plans, Timeline, Challenges- Roles & Responsibilities - Other Critical Information
Go To Market Strategy Workshop
During this working session, we lead you through structured activities to diagnose gaps, explore opportunities, and align on tactics.
Positioning & Messaging Workshop
We facilitate interactive positioning and messaging exercises to help you align on brand identity, competitive differentiation, value propositions, and key talking points.
Content Strategy Workshop
We guide you through content planning exercises to help define goals, personas, messaging, and an editorial calendar. You'll walk away with a 6-month content blueprint.
Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) - 2 hours each
Topics include analyzing metrics, highlighting successes and gaps, discussing improvements.
Market Research
Voice of Customer
Includes quantitative and qualitative research through well-designed surveys and 1:1 interviews
Ongoing Competitor Benchmarking
Includes new product launches, promotions, pricing, and other marketing activity.
Product Roadmap Opportunities
Recommendations on market opportunities that are served by new product offerings and/or positioning.
Strategy Documentation
Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
With you, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your existing accounts and market to define your ideal customer profile, ensuring alignment on the highest-potential targets.
1-2 ICPs
3-4 ICPs
Sales Funnel
We deliver a detailed sales funnel document defining each stage, metrics, and strategy from lead to close to provide visibility and identify optimization opportunities.
Go-To-Market Plan
We deliver a go-to-market plan that aligns your team around strategies to acquire, engage, and delight customers while accelerating growth.
Consulting Only
Messaging Plan
We deliver a unified messaging plan with core brand identity, differentiated value props, customer-resonating language, and guidelines to align your internal teams and external communications.
Consulting Only
Consulting Only
Content Plan
Our team provides a comprehensive content plan including identified personas, messaging, content types, editorial calendar, and promotion strategies for executing your content marketing.
Consulting Only
Consulting Only
Training Plan
Our training plan includes assessments, program design, delivery methods, timelines, and success metrics to onboard employees and optimize their performance.
Consulting Only
Consulting Only
Content & Website
HubSpot CMS Hub
HubSpot CMS Hub provides the foundation for sustainable, scalable growth supporting modern customer experience expectations. We implement it for you.
CMS Hub Free or Starter. Up to 5 page templates created
CMS Hub Tier based on GTM strategy. Includes migration of web content from current CMS. Up to 10 new page templates created.
Implementation of HubSpot CMS Hub Enterprise. Migration of content from current CMS to HubSpot. Development of new pages to support conversion path creation. Updating/repurposing current content to support sustainable growth strategy. Creation of theme and templates to empower easy and quick future development.
Sales Funnel Creation
Create premium content offers, along with a conversion path (see below), to help generate leads.
Resource-Efficient Content (REC) System
The foundation of sustainable growth centers around content creation. Leverage ideal customer profiles to create content that speaks uniquely to your audience and different stages in the buyer's journey.
Long-form Video (45-60 minutes)
Social Video Clips
Written Social Posts with Video
Long-form, written article
Revenue Operations
CRM/Tech Stack Strategy
Strategy for revenue technology stack that supports customer data and internal process.
Basic Implementation & Development
Out-of-the-box setup of HubSpot with light customization, simple workflows, and plug-and-play integrations. HubSpot software cost not included.
Content-Based Sales Coaching
Individual Training Sessions - 1 hour each
Categories include Content-Based Networking, On-Camera Performance, They Ask You Answer, Social Selling, Assignment Prospecting, Assignment Selling, Customer is the Hero Framework

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