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S1E02: Digital Transformation and Human Connections: George B. Thomas Talks CRM Strategies

S1E02: Digital Transformation and Human Connections: George B. Thomas Talks CRM Strategies


Episode Summary:

In this episode, we discuss the beauty of the HubSpot ecosystem and its impact on industrial manufacturing. We delve into the challenges and potential of CRM systems in modern business, particularly in the context of industrial companies. George discusses the importance of understanding and adapting the CRM process to fit the needs of an organization, focusing on people over platforms. We also cover the need for education in the C-suite and among employees about the value and utility of CRM systems.


Key Topics Discussed:

The importance of understanding human-to-human relationships and communication in organizations.

The need for organizations to adapt and be willing to change processes and mindsets for successful CRM implementation.

Insights into how sales, marketing, and other departments can synergize to enhance overall performance.

Addressing the gap between traditional and modern business practices in industrial manufacturing.

Meet Our Guest

George B. Thomas

HubSpot Helper & Owner @ George B. Thomas LLC

George is the "HubSpot Helper" and owner at George B. Thomas, LLC. George helps companies streamline and grow using the right HubSpot CRM, marketing, sales, service, operations, and CMS tools. George has more than 30 years of sales & marketing experience and has been using HubSpot since 2012. George is a vault of valuable information, tactics, and strategies with a record-breaking thirty-five plus HubSpot Academy certifications, including Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales, Contextual Marketing, CMS Implementation, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing.

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