Selim Maalouf

With over a decade of experience in industrial engineering and content creation, Selim is the perfect marketing partner industrial companies need. Leveraging his background as a Industrial design and application engineer, Selim has an intimate understanding of how industrial engineers think and make buying decisions. This unparalleled insight enables him to create content that truly resonates with technical audiences and drives results. Selim began his career designing packaging systems, where he honed his skills in analytical thinking and process optimization. He later moved into an application engineering role, working closely with customers. This customer-centric experience gave him invaluable perspective into audience motivations and pain points. Today, Selim combines his engineering expertise with savvy content marketing to guide industrial companies towards a sustainable content marketing program. He is that rare marketer who can speak the language of engineers in a credible way. As an amateur videographer, he further pushes creative boundaries to produce engaging video content optimized for social media. More than just a great writer and producer, Selim is a trusted advisor who always keeps his clients' best interests in mind. His engineering background means he won't just take a brief at face value, but will dig deeper to ensure he's solving the right problems in the right way.

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7 Takeaways from HubSpot's INBOUND 23

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