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S1E08: Mastering CRM Adoption: Insights from Matt Bolian

S1E08: Mastering CRM Adoption: Insights from Matt Bolian


Episode Summary:

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Matt Bolian. Matt shares his unique perspective on CRM adoption, the importance of effective reporting, and his journey from a military officer to a CRM specialist. His approach to CRM implementation, especially in manufacturing and telecom industries, is both innovative and practical, offering valuable insights for any business looking to improve its CRM strategies.


Key Topics Discussed:


CRM Adoption Challenges: Matt discusses the common hurdles businesses face when implementing CRM systems, emphasizing the importance of understanding individual user needs and the frequency of reporting required (daily, weekly, monthly).

Military Background Influence: Insights into how Matt's experience as a military officer has shaped his approach to leadership and problem-solving in the corporate world, particularly in CRM and data management.

Effective Reporting: Strategies for creating reports that answer critical business questions and facilitate better decision-making processes.

Cultural Transformation: Matt's experience with driving CRM adoption in traditional industries like manufacturing and telecom, where he highlights the need for cultural change and system understanding.

CRM as a Tool for Empowerment: Exploring how CRM can be used not just for data management but as a tool for employee empowerment and business growth.

Meet Our Guest

Matt Bolian

Co-Founder & CEO @ Supered

Matt Bolian has led teams as large as 250 people or as small as 4 and thousands of projects in the United States and abroad for hundreds of clients across multiple functional areas in the military and in the private sector. Co-founded Supered.io, a digital adoption platform built for the HubSpot ecosystem.

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