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S1E10: Manufacturing Storytelling: The StoryBrand Framework with Dr. J.J. Peterson

S1E10: Manufacturing Storytelling: The StoryBrand Framework with Dr. J.J. Peterson


Episode Summary:

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Dr. J.J. Peterson, head of Storybrand, as we delve into the transformative power of storytelling in marketing. With a wealth of experience in communication, marketing, and PR, Dr. Peterson shares insights on how companies can craft compelling stories to connect with customers and grow their business.


Key Topics Discussed:

The Storybrand Framework: Dr. Peterson explains how this framework helps businesses avoid wasteful marketing by creating clear, customer-focused messages.

The Power of Narrative Transportation: Discover how effective storytelling in marketing can lead to narrative transportation, where customers see themselves in the story, influencing their thoughts and actions.

Positioning the Customer as the Hero: Learn why businesses must position their customers as the heroes of their marketing narratives.

Crafting Stories for 'Boring' Products: Dr. Peterson discusses strategies for making less exciting products engaging through storytelling.

The Role of Success and Failure in Storytelling: Insights into the importance of addressing both the positive outcomes and potential negative consequences in marketing narratives.

Customizing Messages for Different Audience Segments: Strategies for tailoring your marketing message to various parts of the buying committee.

Meet Our Guest

Dr. J.J. Peterson

Head of StoryBrand

Dr. J.J. Peterson has used the StoryBrand Framework to help thousands of organizations clarify their message in order to grow their business. He holds a PhD in Communication and has spent the last 20 years practicing and teaching communication theory. J.J. has served in marketing and PR for two multinational non-profit organizations, served as a communication professor, and has spoken to thousands of people about creating a clear message. J.J. will help your team understand the power of story and how to use a repeatable process to create clear messages that can be used for any product or service.

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