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S1E12: Who owns the CRM? w/ Caleb Rule

S1E12: Who owns the CRM? w/ Caleb Rule


Episode Summary:

This episode features a deep dive into the complexities of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with expert Caleb Rule. Discussions revolve around the evolution of CRM in industrial spaces, challenges in CRM implementation, and the importance of having a clear ownership structure for these systems. The conversation also explores the integration of CRM with other business functions, the role of revenue operations, and strategies for enhancing CRM processes to align with business goals.


Key Topics Discussed:

Evolution of CRM in Business: Caleb Rule outlines how CRM systems have evolved from simple spreadsheets to sophisticated platforms that centralize customer information for internal teams.

Challenges in CRM Implementation: Various challenges are discussed, such as the need for clear ownership, the struggle with technology scaling, and the impact of these issues on overall business efficiency.

Importance of Ownership in CRM: The discussion emphasizes the necessity of having a designated owner for the CRM to ensure accountability and efficient management.

Integration of CRM with Business Functions: Insights are provided on how CRM systems should integrate with other business functions like marketing, sales, and customer service for a cohesive operation.

Role of Revenue Operations: The episode delves into the significance of revenue operations in streamlining CRM processes and improving the overall customer experience.

Strategies for CRM Enhancement: Caleb shares strategies for businesses to improve their CRM processes, aligning them more closely with their goals and the modern customer's expectations.

Transformation in Organizational Structure: The conversation concludes with a look at the need for a transformation in organizational structures to better serve the evolving needs of customers in today's digital age.

Meet Our Guest

Caleb Rule

Digital Director @ Strativise

Caleb brings over a decade of marketing expertise to his current role as Digital Director at Strativise, an industrial marketing agency. He's previously worked in Director-level roles and at Club Car supporting their digital transformation in a centralized marketing role.

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