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S1E11: From Tactics to Trust: Mastering Marketing in the Manufacturing Space w/ Joe Sullivan

S1E11: From Tactics to Trust: Mastering Marketing in the Manufacturing Space w/ Joe Sullivan


Episode Summary:

In this episode, Joe shares his extensive knowledge and experience, offering valuable insights into the evolving landscape of industrial marketing.


Key Topics Discussed:

Joe's Journey and Gorilla76's Mission: Joe Sullivan opens up about his journey and the mission of Gorilla76 in helping B2B manufacturing organizations create impactful marketing programs focused on revenue generation​​.

The Evolution of Industrial Marketing: Joe discusses the significant shift from seller-centric to buyer-centric approaches in industrial marketing, emphasizing the importance of adapting to this change​​.

Building Trust and Awareness: A critical aspect Joe highlights is the necessity for marketing to build trust and awareness well before the buying cycle begins. This proactive approach ensures that when a need arises, your brand is already a trusted name​​.

Content Marketing and Subject Matter Expertise: Joe stresses the importance of authentic, valuable content in marketing strategies. He advises leveraging internal expertise to create content that resonates with the audience and establishes your brand as a thought leader​​.

The Role of Leadership in Marketing: Joe touches upon the vital role that company leadership plays in understanding and supporting marketing efforts, ensuring alignment across departments​​.

Adapting to Digital Trends: The conversation also delves into adapting to digital trends, like the utilization of AI in marketing and the evolving role of search engines and social media in customer outreach​​.

Lead Generation vs. Demand Capture: A notable distinction Joe makes is between lead generation activities and capturing existing demand, highlighting the effectiveness of the latter​​.

Meet Our Guest

Joe Sullivan

Co-Founder @ Gorilla76

In addition to co-leading the agency, Joe serves as the company business development lead and consults Gorilla’s clients on both sales and marketing strategy. Much of his time is dedicated to crafting thought leadership content in Gorilla76's Industrial Marketing Learning Center and hosting The Manufacturing Executive – a growth strategy podcast for manufacturing leaders.


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