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S1E09: Turning Sales Experience Into Workplace Culture Transformation with Geo Booth

S1E09: Turning Sales Experience Into Workplace Culture Transformation with Geo Booth


Episode Summary:

In this episode, hear Geo's perspectives on shifting from authoritative to collaborative leadership styles and empowering teams through clear communication. Learn his approach to storytelling in sales and navigating complex change management.


Key Topics Discussed:

Selling as Storytelling: Booth discusses his shift to story-based selling, emphasizing the importance of making clients feel like the heroes of the narrative. He shares a success story involving a large multi-department sale.

Cultural Transformation in Leadership: A substantial part of the conversation focuses on evolving leadership styles. Geo talks about shifting from an authoritative approach to a more collaborative and empathetic style, which is crucial in today's workforce dynamics.

Effective Communication within Organizations: Booth stresses the importance of clear and simple internal communication, drawing on his experiences to highlight how effective communication can drive change and transformation within organizations.

Challenges in Change Management: Booth and the hosts discuss the complexities of implementing change in an organization, touching upon resistance from long-tenured employees and the necessity of clear vision and communication.

The Concept of Culture MRI: An innovative approach introduced by Booth, Culture MRI is a diagnostic tool to assess and improve organizational culture. It aims to align the goals and values of the company with its employees.

Engaging Disengaged Employees: Booth addresses the issue of disengagement in the workplace, emphasizing the need for organizations to value and recognize their employees’ contributions.

Practical Tips for Leaders: Strategies like quarterly performance reviews and transparent bonus structures are suggested as ways to motivate and engage employees.


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Geo Booth

Founder @ MajorSage Business Coaching

Geo Booth, leader of a flame barrier business for a leading textile company. For the past three years, he has served businesses as a Business Made Simple Certified Business Coach. He serves the textile industry on the advisory board of Gaston College’s Textile Technology Center. He’s a member of the International Sleep Products Association’s Sleep Products Safety Council, and serves his church as an elder and mentor. He has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from Davidson College and a Master of Science degree from the Institute of Textile Technology. He is also the founder and CEO of MajorSage Business Coaching where he intends to make 100 millionaires over the next 15 years.

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